Entry #7

Need VOICE TALENT! New animation in the oven.

2011-07-16 17:59:01 by Van-Klaunch

Hello, long time no see (two years), but I'm back into animation. I'm making a Sci-Fi comedy, and hopefully it will mature into a series. The basic premise revolves around the small crew of a Martian Rebel frigate and their strange adventures through space, time, and matter.

Mars is inhabited by human colonists and has reached near self-sustainability, but the Earthlings, called Terrans, won't grant Mars independence and constantly limit their freedoms. The Terrans have built a secret military base on Mars' moon, Phobos, and only one Martian knows why.

I've already finished the first scene, and I think it shall have steady progress. PM me if you are interested in helping with voice talent /sound FX /music /etc. (This won't flop like my other ideas... I hope.) Peace!

Need VOICE TALENT! New animation in the oven.


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2011-07-16 18:16:47

I Could Be Your First Voice Actor But You HAve To Pay Me By The Hours!!!!

Van-Klaunch responds:

I'm not going to make any money off of this, so sorry. This is just for shits n' giggles.


2011-07-16 18:50:12

Sounds interesting! Are you able to share more details, like the sort of voices you're after? You can PM me if you want.


2011-07-16 19:24:48

I am willing to do it for free (As long as I get credit). Send me a PM and I will get back to you. I can do a veriety of voices (including Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, I can sound almost like Edd Egg, and other things)


2011-07-16 22:56:51

I'm a pretty good voice actor here.
I've voice acted for 3 games 2 of which have been frontpaged and gotten awards. PM me if you're interested.


2011-07-17 00:24:11

Sir, I'm on board. I'm the guy who does most of the voices on Gonzossom's (Toss the Turtle, Dead Space Fail, etc.) recent and upcoming flashes. I'm also the guy who does all the voices on WeeklyTubeShow2 on YouTube. Check out my profile for a sample.

ALSO, I'm the guy that pushes kids off bikes and eats pussy. PM me, brah'.


2011-07-17 09:52:48

I'm game for this, gimme a shout, check out my audios to see if you can use me!


2011-07-17 14:32:17

Although I cant help, I look forward to it. Post it on frontpage when you are done!


2011-07-17 14:32:53

I would like to help if you need it. You have gotten a few good responses already. I have some files uploaded to show what I can do. Let me know if you need my help.